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Before recycling the different materials received at the Bilboplastik S.L. and Trade Recycling S.L. plants, the waste is sorted and selected and acceptance tests applied. Once accepted, the material is subjected to different processes depending on type and final use.






This consists of reducing the different plastic waste to the right size for subsequent intermediary processes or, where applicable, for direct processing. This process is used to prepare Flexible PVC materials for formulation and subsequent granulation. For other materials, such as Rigid PVC and thermoplastics to be sold as is, this may be the final process.



This process consists of reducing the material even further, from initial diameters of about 8 mm down to less than 100 mµ. We could call it a ‘regrinding’ process whereby the material is pulverized into very fine particles. This process is only done with Rigid PVC and the finished product is used either directly for manufacturing tubes and sections or to produce rigid mixes and compounds.



This process has two purposes —to homogenise all the finished materials before packaging to get a uniform product, and to manufacture and homogenise the Rigid PVC Compounds formulated for direct use, generally in the manufacture of rigid tubes and sections.


The process of granulating Flexible or Rigid PVC involves various intermediate processes:

  • Homogenising of the raw material (flexible PVC of different levels of hardness)
  • Mixing and Formulation (Heat Mixer – Additivation)
  • Extrusion (twin screw machines)
  • Filtering (hydraulic filter)
  • Head-cutting (dry cutter)
  • Cooling (granule cooler)
  • Packaging (bags of 25 kilos or Big-bags of 1,250 kilos)


Granulating consists of subjecting the previously formulated material to certain pressure and temperature conditions in the extrusion machines until, in a semi-melted state, it goes through the filter (metal mesh), cutting the material at the head in the shape of granules. After passing through the cooler they are then packaged at room temperature.



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To carry out all the processes and operations detailed above, our facilities are equipped with the following equipment and machinery:


  • 4 Extrusion Lines (Bausano twin screw extruders)
  • 2 Mixing Lines (Samstag two-speed mixers)
  • 3 Homogenising Bins (20 Tm/U in stainless steel)
  • 2 Granule Coolers (Bausano)
  • 2 semi-automatic Packagers
  • 1 Shredder (100 CV)
  • 5 Crushers (75-100 CV)
  • 2 Micronizers (Herbold-500)
  • 1 Mixing Line (Rigid PVC Compound)
Our facilities are also equipped with a range of auxiliary equipment such as bag filters, compact warehouse shelving, refrigerators, scales, conveyor belts, bins, etc., and a fully equipped laboratory with all the machinery and accessories necessary for carrying out control tests. The two plants occupy an area of 3,500 m2 under cover plus a 1,500 m2 bay for loading and unloading operations.




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