Commercialization and sale of recycled plastic

Handling, sale and value of post industrial plastic waste

Valuation process

We value post-industrial plastic waste for its later treatment, recycling and commercialization, according to the necessities and specifications of our clients.

Purchase of plastic waste

We buy every type of post-industrial plastic waste (PVC, PE, PP, PS,ABS, PMMA, PC, PA, etc) in all of its forms (bullets, scraps, regrind, granules or in bulk).

Sale of recycled plastic materials

We commercialize and sale plastic once it has been recycled.
Flexible PVC, Rigid PVC, PE, PP, ABS, PA, PMMA, PC and others materials in form of granulate, regrind, micronized particles or scraps.

Commited with quality and the environment


Own factory

BilboPlastik and Trade Recycling are our own plants, created for the handling, recycling and manufacturing of thermoplastic materials.


We protect the environment

We collaborate with the improvement of the environment by recycling all the products that we handle. We care about nature.


Excellent service

We always adapt to the client’s requirements for every product that we offer.


Certified quality

All the necessary tests and inspections are carried out in our laboratories. Both BilboPlastik and Trade Recycling are certified by the ISO 9001:2015 Norm.

Start up valuating the plastic waste of your company

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