BILBOPLASTIK and TRADE RECYCLING are companies specialized in the purchase, valuation and recycling of post-industrial waste. Once the different materials have been treated, we proceed to their commercialization and sale, according to the needs and the requested specifications by the clients.

Both BILBOPLASTIK (1998) and TRADE RECYCLING (2002) were created by the current founding partners, who gained their experience at other companies of the plastic-recycling industry.

The activity of Bilboplastik Ltd. is focused on the manufacture of granulates and Flexible PVC components for their later use via extrusion, injection or calendering, even though different thermoplastics are currently commercialized.

Trade Recycling, Ltd. manipulates every type of conventional plastic such as PVC, PE PP and PS, as well as technical materials such as PC, PMMA, ABS, ABS/PC and PA.

If you would like to

handle, sale or valuate plastic waste,

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At the facilities of Bilboplastik and Trade Recycling we care about the following aspects:



All the necessary tests and inspections are carried out in our laboratories to the received materials and the final product, therewith certifying the requirements of our clients. Both two companies are certified by the ISO 9001:2015 Norm.

Waste handling

We offer the MAQUILA service for handling waste following the requested steps. This implies waste classification, recycling and delivery of the product, according to the conditions and processes previously met with the client.


The services provided by our companies fundamentally are the handling, sale and value of plastic waste, along with the recycling, sale and commercialization of the resulting products, once recycled following the steps and specifications of our client (granulated, regrinded or micronized). We always adapt to the client’s requirements regarding every product that we offer.


We handle non-hazardous solid waste, according to the certifications issued by the Deputy Ministry of Environment of the Basque Government. We collaborate in the improvement of the environment by recycling every product that we handle. We care about nature.